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Diagnostics Services



The Laboratory offers expertise in medical diagnoses, essential in making important health care decisions with the objective of assuring accurate, reliable and timely reports.

Our team of qualified personnel have specialized training in a cocktail of disciplines, including haematology, chemical pathology, microbiology and virology, molecular diagnostics, serology, histopathology and cytopathology, occupational and industrial health testing, infection control and environmental testing, and human genetics.

We also offer home collection services, and comprehensive health check plans.

Chemical Pathology

A subspecialty of pathology, which involves the analysis of body fluids such as whole blood, plasma or serum, urine, effusions, and cerebrospinal fluid, in making a diagnosis, management of treatments, and patient follow-up is chemical pathology. Investigations done within the chemical pathology section using fully automated equipments include:

  • Liver function test
  • Kidney function test such as microalbuminuria
  • Water and electrolyte balance
  • Acid-base balance
  • Lipid profile/Lipogram, such as cholesterol, triglycerides
  • Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
  • Arterial blood gases
  • Endocrinology
  • Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus
  • Bacterial infection markers
  • Cardiac markers
  • Venous thrombo-embolism/coagulation makers
  • Hepatitis markers
  • HIV markers
  • Antigen Detection markers
  • Reproduction/Fertility markers
  • Thyroid markers
  • Tumour markers such as prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  • Allergy testing
  • Immunoassays
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Alcohol breath test
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and toxicology studies
  • Iron and porphyrins
  • Water analysis
  • Occupational health testing
  • Metabolic diseases

Environmental Testing

We carry out microbiological testing on food and water. Tests offered include:

  • Water analysis
  • Coliform counts
  • E.coli counts
  • Food analysis
  • Isolation and identification of all known food pathogens such as salmonella and shigella species
  • Quantification of contaminants or pathogens from surface swabs
  • Food handler screening


Haematology investigations performed include:

  • Complete blood count / Full blood count
  • Examination of blood cells microscopically
  • Coagulation studies
  • Haemolytic disorder investigations
  • CD4 counts and CD8 counts for monitoring of HIV
  • Flow cytometry studies
  • Hb electrophoresis determinations such as genotype
  • Blood group determinations
  • Blood banking services
  • Transfusion services (immunohaematology)

Histopathology and Cytopathology

Histopathology involves a macroscopic evaluation, which is followed by a microscopic examination of tissue sections. It aids in the diagnosis of tumours and in identifying benign from malignant cells.
Cytopathology investigations include:

  • Water analysis
  • Papanicolaou smear (pap smear)
  • Cytology of fluids such as urine, sputum, smears and brushings
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Skin scrapings cytology
  • Human papiloma virus (HPV) testing


The microbiology section is equipped with state of the art technology guaranteeing a great turnaround time and positive health outcomes.

  • Blood culture by utilizing an automated blood culture system that identifies positive cultures remarkably in 24 hours
  • Automated microorganism analysis system for culturing and identification of bacteria and fungi organisms
  • Susceptibility testing using an Automated dosing system
  • Direct detection of pathogens by rapid antigens testing
  • Microscopy using modern microscopy techniques and high-end microscopes for the detection of parasites, bacteria, and a variety of cells
  • Staining techniques for diverse applications


A plethora of serological diagnosis is made for tests, which include:

  • Syphillis
  • Chlamydia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Varicella zoster
  • Hepatitis b
  • Hepatitis c
  • Herpes simplex virus
  • HIV
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cardiolipin

TB Laboratory


Our tuberculosis laboratory provides a range of diagnostic services used exclusively for the detection and monitoring of TB. The cutting-edge technology in use provides consistent quality results and a rapid diagnosis of TB.


Our objective is to ensure a healthy working group and population by optimizing their health for increased productivity and employee return on investment and also to achieve compliance with legislation.