How many eggs can I eat per week?

2-3 per week will not affect your cholesterol level, it is not the cholesterol in the egg themselves that affects your blood cholesterol level, it is the fat you cook them in. therefore, either boil, poach or scramble them rather than fry.

Can I still eat grapes and bananas if I am diabetic?

All fruits contain natural sugars and eaten in large quantities will increase your blood sugar levels. But 3-4 portions of fruits spread throughout the day will not affect your blood sugar levels. Therefore limit grapes to about a handful at any one time.

Should I cut out starchy foods if I want to lose weight?

No, starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice provide the body with energy, therefore should be included in each meal. However all foods eaten in excess will increase your calorie intake and therefore leads to weight gain.

Can I eat diabetic chocolate or sweet?

Diabetic sweet and chocolate are usually sweetened with sorbitol which can have a laxative effect; they also tend to be higher in calories and fat. Therefore, eaten in large quantities could cause weight gain.

Do I need to avoid red meat?

No, it is not necessary to totally avoid red meat, although it does contain some saturated fat. Therefore, have small portions using low fat cooking methods. Red meat is a rich source of iron and so unnecessary restrictions is not advised.

Are bananas fattening?

No, they provide fibre and vitamins and are lower in calories than crips, cakes, or biscuits. However, you can still put on weight if you eat too much because it is high in sugars which convert to calories. Therefore, for a diabetic or for a person on weight reduction diet, watch the quantity you eat.

Are garlic tablets effective at lowering cholesterol levels?

There is no conclusive evidence that taking garlic tablets will lower your cholesterol.

What type of artificial sweetener is the best?

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Are there good or bad foods?

Not really, foods high in sugar and/or fats are perceived as bad, but they ‘bad’ only if eaten in large quantities. All foods eaten in moderation, as part of a healthy diet will not lead to weight gain or raised cholesterol.

Will diabetes ever be cured?

This question cannot be answered yet. Researchers are still working to find the cure.