Fertility and reproductive health is a special area in the medical field. As a result of all the careful planning and investment required to make it a success, it is only natural to want the best. In vitro fertilization, abbreviated IVF is an assisted reproductive procedure that involves initiating a pregnancy through the retrieval of mature eggs from the ovaries to be fertilized by sperm in a lab. After which, the embryo or embryos (fertilized eggs) are transferred to a uterus. Its immense success rate has made it a choice of conception among couples or individuals trying out for a child. To get the best IVF treatment, there are some factors to consider.

What to watch out for when picking a fertility clinic for the best IVF treatment in Nigeria?

IVF is an extremely complex and expensive procedure that has its potential risks. Hence, you want to be extra careful in picking the best fertility clinic for your procedure in Nigeria. One must gather enough information about the services and the reputation of the fertility clinic itself. You need to ask yourself the following questions before picking out your fertility clinic.

  1. Is the fertility clinic certified?

A clinic that has been approved by the right bodies to carry out the practice is more authentic than one that is not certified. You would have to evaluate the certified clinics which should be recognized as being competent to handle infertility treatments and the IVF procedure as opposed to unlicensed ones. This additionally extends to the doctors, you can rest assured that the best IVF clinic will be a certified clinic that has doctors who are trained, have experienced, and are certified to practice that field of medicine. Hence, it is important to check for this before settling on a fertility clinic.

  1. What is their Success Rate?

Before choosing the right fertility clinic, you have to find out the success rate of the IVF procedures they have carried out. If the rate matches the general standard, then you can move a step further towards choosing it. However, if their success rate is perceivably low, chances are they are not experienced or equipped enough. Therefore, be sure to look through their data of pregnancy and birth rates per cycle of treatment and per embryo transferred.

  1. Do they have a state-of-the-art facility?

You can ask for a tour, just to get a general idea of the clinic’s equipment. Look out for the existence of proper laboratories, equipment, and materials needed to conduct the procedure and ask many questions to get a scope of how competent the clinic is, their readiness to answer you will tell you what you need to know. The IVF procedure is quite expensive, so be sure that you are picking the best treatment at a competent rate.

  1. How friendly are the practitioners?

You want to pick a clinic where it feels like the doctors and nurses are dedicated to making your IVF treatment successful. The disposition of the practitioners in handling your treatments is critical to your mental health as they help provide support services like therapy. You feel more at ease and worry less when you know your doctors are highly invested in the success of the procedure through the way they relate with you, with decency and care. Infertility issues are sensitive for couples, therefore a fertility clinic where the practitioners are not only competent but sensitive to patient’s feelings and mental health is important.

  1. Does the clinic have different IVF treatments?

Consider if the fertility clinic has a range of different IVF treatments, it offers you more options and the best IVF treatment for you as there are several variations to the IVF procedure that can increase chances of success, reduce risks associated with genetic disorders and diseases, and lessening the cost of the procedure and IVF cycles.

  1. Testimonials and Ratings

If it is possible to speak with people who have undergone the procedure in that clinic beforehand, please do. Bear in mind that you might receive varying reviews based on couples that conceived and the ones that did not. Therefore, streamline your questions to the clinic’s professionalism, their physical competence in form of equipment and materials, their costs, their disposition, and if they have questionable values. Focus on asking questions about the procedures and how it was handled by the clinic.

The factors above may not guarantee a successful process, however, knowing that you got the best care will give you an edge. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have ticked all the right boxes in picking the best IVF clinic in Nigeria.

At Lily Fertility Center (LFC), we have been assisting couples experiencing difficulty with conception for over a decade. Established in 2008, we have performed over 3000 cycles to date and achieved over 1000 live births. Our success rate is favourably comparable with global benchmarks for IVF success rates. We are committed to making your family a happier one.

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Kene Obika