Lily Hospitals Limited is committed to deliver consistently high quality and patient-centered health-care services that meet and exceed the expectations of her customers in compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and ensuring the continual improvement of our services in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.This will be achieved by:

  • Having in place, periodic internal and external Quality Management System, driven by competent, professional, technical and support staff that is committed to continual quality improvement.
  • Operating high quality service that takes account of and meets the needs and requirements of customers.
  • Setting quality objectives and plans, in order to implement this quality policy in conjunction with its users.
  • Ensuring that all Lily Hospitals Limited personnel understand the needs of customers and are familiar with the content of the Process Manual, including this policy, and all processes and procedures relevant to their work.
  • Provision of a quality management system that integrates the processes required for delivery of services; document these processes, and keep records that provide evidence of the proper conduct of its activities, while also being committed to achieving continual quality improvement.
  • Ensuring that all departments and work groups develop their Quality objective that is relevant to their peculiar services and indicate measurable indices for its performance.
  • Clear lines of responsibilities and accountability will be in place for achieving quality tasks, using a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) as approved by management.