Lily Audiology centre is here to help you solve your hearing problem. The centre is committed to delivering hearing care of high quality in line with recognized best practice in order to improve your hearing health. We offer an extensive line of digital hearing aids, state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment and an unsurpassed level of comprehensive hearing care which includes;

Pure tone audiometry (screening and diagnostic)
Hearing Aid fittings
Hearing aid repairs
Ear mould modification
Supply of hearing aid accessories
Lifestyle products. Viz; customized noise plugs, customized swim plugs, customized shooter plugs and customized sleep plugs

Because we know that hearing is an important part of life at any age, this is why is it important to test your hearing

Normal hearing is important for developing speech and language. Hearing loss that is not treated may create problems with listening, learning, behavior and social skills. Hearing loss that is not treated may cause feelings of frustration, confusion and of loneliness. Our audiologist will discuss your hearing test results with you and suggest aids or equipment that may be needed to improve your hearing

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