Welcome To Lily Hospitals

CMD Wellness Club The future of personalized healthcare in Africa is here!

Lily Hospitals and CMD Healthcare Services are introducing the “Lily-Wellness Club”, a scalable global platform that connects members to dedicated clinician 24/7 via multiple platforms with focus on OnDemand Care: Disease Mornitoring and Management for a Healthier Lifestyle!

Why Join the Lily-Wellness Club?


As a member you gain access to a global platform where you can consult with our board-certified doctors within and outside the country without visiting the hospital for a Follow-up Visit or for Preventative Wellness Care 24/7
Gain access to a wellness platform imbued with wearable watches to mornitor and manage your daily health activities
Assessment Score (AS) is an on demand Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
Gain access to more than a dozen wellness portals that includes health library and monitor your health status such as: Blood Pressure, Stress Level, Heart Rate, Blood Glucose and much more
Best of all when you register for our Baseline Health Assessment Event, you may qualify for FREE one year membership subscription for a value of upto N45K

Our integrated health portal is a one-stop-shop for displaying the user’s Health Risk Assessment results, a customized plan for Wellness, personalized health information, and educational content that facilitates smarter health and lifestyle choices.

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