Inpatient care generally refers to any medical service that requires admission into a hospital. Inpatient care tends to be directed towards more serious ailments and trauma that require one or more days of overnight stay at our hospital.

Ward Facilities and Services


We provide the following hospitality services (on a fee-for-service basis) to help make your stay more convenient and comfortable:


Arriving at your Ward, these are the following activities that you will go through.

When you arrive at the ward, our ward nurse will orientate you to the ward and the facilities available.A ward doctor will visit you to take your detailed medical history and carry out any necessary clinical tests and/or examinations.

For your safety, a wrist band detailing your name and ward number will be given to you to wear. Please wear it at all times while in the Hospital for identification purposes.

The standard daily routine in the ward comprises of ward rounds by doctors, medication, meals, visiting hours and bedtime. This routine may vary if patients are required to undergo laboratory tests, x-ray, or other clinical procedures.